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The origin of Roulette

The origin of Roulette
Know the origin of one of the most loved games in the Casinos.
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Our articles also contain historical facts and today we will talk about the origin of one of the most traditional and exciting games in Casinos: Roulette. Since its creation until today, it has a great importance in the universe of betting, so we decided to talk a little about its evolution over the centuries.

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We have already started with some controversy, since at least three locations in the world appear as originating from the first roulette game: France, China and Ancient Greece. The French are considered the official creators, but historians do not rule out the other two possibilities. They claim that in China there was a game with 37 animal statues, inside a square, each representing a number, so that the total sum represented 666. For those who don't know, the European roulette as we know it today contains 37 numbers that also account for 666.

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Meanwhile, in Ancient Greece, soldiers had a traditional game that closely resembles roulette. Symbols were drawn inside a shield, and an arrow was placed beside it. Then, after turning the shield, they bet which symbol would stop in front of the arrow. The similarities are clear, but there is no confirmation as to whether roulette was inspired by this game.
One thing is certain, as we know it today, we know that inspiration came from France, in the 17th century. Something strongly considered is that the game took details of three other games that existed at the time: even / odd and oly poly (a kind of odd or even on a spinning wheel) and “biribi”, a game with Italian origin in which the challenge was to guess which ticket containing a number would come out of a bag.
Finally, the first roulette wheel used for this game is by mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal. Throughout the 18th century the game developed, mainly in France and neighboring countries, in the format we know today as American roulette (double zero format). From then on the business just grew, with the Blanc brothers introducing a new version in Germany, using roulette without the second zero. Entering the 19th century, the Prince of Monaco legalized several Casino games, and relied on the Blanc brothers to make the game work and become successful.
Monaco Casinos have gained status among the wealthiest and most influential people, and it was common for Europeans from elsewhere to travel to the principality to try their luck. From there he left for the United States, when European immigrants introduced the game of roulette in American Casinos.
At this moment, already famous both in Europe and in America, cases of players who were making money through techniques and cheating began to emerge. A famous case is that of Englishman Joseph Jagger, who won a fortune valued at almost 8 million euros today. He noticed that some roulette wheels at the Monte Carlo Casino were not balanced correctly, repeating a series of numbers, and he placed his funds relying on the probability. It worked! In the United States, on the other hand, it was a cheating level. Players introduced magnetic devices under the wheel, so that the ball would take a course in which they knew the destination. After that, American casinos started using the roulette wheel on the table, as we know it today.
After this passage of time history, with curiosities and evolution of the game, we arrived at modern times. Today it is a registered trademark and adored in Casinos around the world. You can find it in two ways, as we talked about throughout the text. American roulette (double zero) is found in the United States, Canada, South and Central America. In Europe the most common version is with one zero. However, whatever it is, one thing is certain: emotion is more than guaranteed.

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