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How important are statistics in football betting?

How important are statistics in football betting?
Statistical data can be great allies when placing a bet.
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One of the tasks of any bettor is to seek as much information about a game as possible, before placing a bet on the game in question. In this way, the chances of success increase considerably, as a complete study of everything that could happen over the next 90 minutes was carried out. Statistics are part of this package and, currently, it is one of the most helpful tools for placing a bet with foundation.

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In football, analyzing data and checking the numbers of the teams (and the history of the match itself) is extremely important, as everything that the teams are demonstrating in the competition is described there. Even though there are many surprises in this exciting sport, the numbers, in most matches, reflect the clubs' campaign very well. In other words, those who score a lot tend to score. The team whose characteristics are the aerial ball and played from the bottom tends to create corner opportunities, and so on.

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Therefore, before placing a bet, it is important to check these statistics. Bookmakers offer quotes and it is up to the bettor to analyze if that odd matches what he is actually paying. This is one of the ways to find value, as houses are often paying above or below what the statistical numbers are showing.
Before moving on, it is important to point out that just analyzing the numbers will not give you a guarantee of victory, and even less that the data in question will be accurately represented on the field, as there are variables in all matches. Therefore, in addition to analyzing the data, we should always look at the latest team information, such as embezzlement, game motivation, calendar, etc.
An example: Liverpool have a great attack, scorer, and the over goals market is very inviting. Statistics will give you this information. You go out there and bet “Over (more than) 2.5 goals” to the Reds in a match valid for the Premier League.
However, the team has a decisive game for the Champions League in 3 days, and the coach Klopp decides to preserve half of his players, mainly his front men. Here's a pretty clear example that just checking the numbers isn't enough, even though it's important. Liverpool may even win the game, but we can be sure they won't have the same offensive strength, putting their chances of success in the bet at risk.
This was just a way of showing how betting is often complex, but for those looking to combine statistical data with game information, they have an advantage over other bettors, and even over bookmakers.
There are many markets to bet on, and within them a set of bets with specific characteristics. For example, if you want to focus on goals and specialize in this market, you will have many betting options within a single game. Therefore, it is important to know every detail of the teams, knowing their qualities and defects for this type of market. So, nothing better than checking the statistics.
They will give you the following information, following the example of the goal market:
- Which team scores/ concedes the most goals in the first half;
- Which team scores / concedes the most goals in the second half;
- The team with the best use of goals at home or away;
- The percentage of goals scored or conceded in the competition, with specific details.
- etc and etc
This was just a small example of how the goals database is rich and we can extract important information about a match. From these data, we will know more precisely if the match is for over 3.5 or under 2.5, or even over 1.5 in the second half.
In addition, it helps a lot to calculate the odds offered by bookmakers and compare them with the percentage that the statistics are giving us. If the numbers say that a team has a 55% advantage over a given goal market, by logic the quotes should be in the range of 1.80 ~ 1.85, for example. This only proves that statistics are extremely important pillars when placing a bet, for all they represent in this medium.

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