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Which are the best football leagues to bet on?

Newcomers to the betting world may wonder: which is the best league to bet on?
The answer may vary, depending on whether we're talking about punter bets or trading. As in almost anything, such ways of betting need to be addressed in different ways.

Is it easier or harder to bet on football matches than on other sports?

Unlike football, in sports played for points, as well as in horse racing, the numbers are more predictable because the stats are more reliable and it's easier to find patterns. In Football matches, on the other hand, we depend on goals, which don't happen that often.

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5 Carlos Santos0433 10€ 1,352%
6 hcmanager 10€ 1,324%
7 Domingos29 10€ 1,210%
8 nunesblue 10€ 1,185%
9 fabioribeiro 10€ 1,073%
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