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Betano wins license to operate sports betting in Germany

Bookmaker has obtained license to operate sports betting in the European country.

UFC president defends the idea of legalizing sports betting

For Dana White, it is time for legalization in US states that prohibit gambling.

New York may regulate sports betting later this year

A change in the governor's posture raises expectations for market regulation.

US to have more states with legal sports betting in 2021

It is thought that 12 American states will legalize sports betting in their territory.

Puerto Rico is close to regulating sports betting

Latin territory expects to regulate sports betting until April.

New Jersey breaks record in sports betting

The State of New Jersey generated impressive values in sports betting in 2020.

New partnership will facilitate sports betting in the USA

Amelco and Paysafe sign partnership agreement for sports betting in the USA.

Google to launch tool against gambling and sports betting ads

Google's feature is intended to restrict advertisements for games and sports betting.

Brazil might regulate sports betting

According to the undersecretary of prizes and sweepstakes, Brazil must regulate sports betting by 2021.

Sweden imposes new limitations on sports betting

Swedish regulator explained how the new limitations will be in the country.

No tv schedule yet for US (change)

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