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Small gold tips for beginners in holdem cash games

These simple yet effective tips are sure to help novice players take their game to the next level.

How to learn to deal with losses at the tables

Learning how to deal with defeats is vital for a correct balance between poker and personal life.

A brief adaptation to play against "maniacs"

A basic and simple strategy on adaptation against maniacs.

The ideal opponent to face

In this article, I create that opponent that every poker player would like to face constantly.

PokerStars holds charity tournament with screen stars

$1 million will be donated directly to charity, while about $ 500,000 will be sent to CARE International.

SCOOP 2020: stay on top of this super PokerStars event

The edition of SCOOP 2020 will have the highest guaranteed value in history until this moment of the series.

It's official: WSOP 2020 is postponed

The World Series of Poker executive communicated about the paths the series should take.

Sunday Million: PokerStars increases guaranteed payouts

After the event has increased its prize distributions between US $ 2M and US $ 2.5M, the event will now have the distribution of US $ 3M.

Volume or quality of grind, that is the question!

A frequent question among some regulars is: should one prefer volume, or game quality?

Poker is about having a "stomach"

This is an article that talks about how difficult poker can be when things don't necessarily go as we expect. I hope you enjoy it.