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Cash out: Understand how it works

Cash out: Understand how it works

In this article we will explain what Cash Out is and how it works.

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Monday, June 1 2020

Cash Out is a tool made available by sports bookmakers so that investors can close their bets before the event ends. However, this option is not valid at any time, with the bookmaker deciding the moments that will make this option available to the investor. In addition, it is unlikely that the amount offered will be close to the maximum profit that the bettor can have, in the case of winning the bet.

Gamblers who choose this feature find advantages and disadvantages. But after all, why do bookmakers provide a resource that can make the bettor able to close his investment and losing part of it? The objective of bookmakers is to offer an option to that bettor who is in a difficult situation at a certain point in the event. Thus, causing him to end his bet at a loss or with a certain percentage of the profit.

For example, let's assume that an investment is made in a particular team and that team is winning the match. However, with 15 minutes left until the end of the confrontation, the team, in which we bet, starts to be pressured by its opponent. Thus, at the moment the bookmaker offers us the option to close our investment, thus leaving the profit if we choose this feature.

There are two situations that can happen after we choose to close a bet. The first situation, if there was a tie, we would have left with part of the profit. However, in the second situation, if the victory of the team, in which we invested, materialized, we would have closed the bet and lost part of the total profit of the investment made. Thus, it is indisputable that ending a bet during an event ends up losing its value. Therefore, many bettors instead of opting for this option, decide to make a free bet. This one, a technique to guarantee profit on a given bet already made.

To end a bet, simply access your bet slip and check if this feature has been made available (cash out). If available, it will say “close bet”. That way, just click to end your investment, whether in profit or loss, this will depend on the prices movement in the market.

Another option that bookmakers offer is automatic cash out. In this option, the investor does not need to monitor his bet, he can configure the site to end his bet automatically, when the market reaches a certain amount stipulated by him.

Cash out is an excellent resource made available to bettors. However, using it irregularly may cause the bettor to end up decreasing his winnings instead of increasing them. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that when choosing this feature, the bet will no longer have the value estimated by the bettor. Considering that, just as you can avoid a greater loss when closing a bet, you will also be losing part of your profit at the time your bet would be a winner.