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Tips contests

  • Tips contest Betfair

    • Beginners League:

      - everyone can join;
      - the top Tipsters advance to the Professional League.

      Professional League:

      - 300€ prize pool per month;
      - everyone wins a slice of the prize pool;
      - the last ones are demoted to the Beginners League;
      - Betfair account opened via the Academy is not required to win the prizes;
      - here you can find the best tipsters

    • Open your account Betfair here:

      Then submit it and Win 100 Academy points

    • 600€/month between the 10 Professionals
  • Tips contest Academy

    • Resume:

      - everyone can join;
      - everyone can win prizes;
      - prizes in Skrill balance;
      - when placing your Tip, select "Academy" odds to join automatically;
      - you need to do a minimum of 15 tips in other to win the prizes.

    • Contest to all our community members:

      Betting Academy logo

      Submit your Skrill account in the page Win Academy Points

    • 250€/month between the 30 best Tipsters

Month's top Tipsters
SC Luiz Gonçalves 1,599%
2 beranco8 Pro 1,564%
3 JETRO Pro 1,390%
SC Sarkozy2023 1,080%
5 SirNelson 963%
SC cacaroto233 881%
7 Janilson 751%
SC Daniel Braun 727%
9 Sergio Felini Junior 654%
SC Willians Reis 602%
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: 44409 : 10690564

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