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eSports betting tips: Saturday 27/06

eSports betting tips: Saturday 27/06
Find everything you are looking for to bet on eSports this Saturday!
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Friday, June 26 2020

Betting Tips for this Saturday! Another day with a varied card in several games. And attention, read the warnings below the article, in the yellow frame! There we have a bankroll division to be followed!


League of Legends | CBLO Winter Group Stage - Flamengo vs Santos e-Sports:

After accumulating eight consecutive victories in their matches, the Santos team lost to FURIA and beat Prodigy Esports in their last match. Meanwhile, Flamengo achieved a balance and hitched three consecutive wins in the series. This will be the first meeting between the teams, where we believe that Santos presents us with better group control, since it has already accumulated a 90% winrate in its last ten games played in League of Legends.

League of Legends | LCS Summer 2020 Group Stage - Golden Guardians vs Immortals:

This will be the third meeting between the Golden Guardians and Immortals teams in the LCS league. In previous clashes, each team came out with a victory. However, the Immortals already have eight consecutive losses in the series, bringing us a very bad game for this confrontation, while the Golden Guardians have three losses on their backs. We believe that for this match the Golden Guardians team will have the highest probability of victory.

League of Legends | LCS Summer 2020 Group Stage - 100 Thieves vs CLG:

In the last two matches this year between the 100 Thieves and Counter Logic Gaming teams, there were two victories for the 100 Thieves at LCS 2020. However, Counter Logic Gaming has three victorious games in their most recent matches, the 100 Thieves have only one victory. We believe that for this confrontation the scenario will be different this time, bringing us the victory for the Counter Logic Gaming team, for presenting us with a superior performance to 100 Thieves.

League of Legends | TCL Summer 2020 Group Stage - Fernerbahçe vs Galakticos:

This will be the second meeting between the 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports and Galakticos teams in the TCL 2020 league. The last encounter resulted in the victory of the 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports. While the Galakticos team comes with two consecutive defeats in the series, the 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports presents a successful game in their last clash against Galatasaray Esports. For this match, we see no likelihood of Galakticos getting any advantage over the 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports team, which leads us to believe in Fenerbahçe's victory.



The bets placed in this column are only suggestions to help readers base their own bets. Therefore, we do not guarantee a profit and are not responsible for any loss.

The column will contain a specific and professional bankroll management, based on a universal language, which are the units.

We recommend that you respect your bankroll management system.  Where the bank is divided into 60 units. And no bet technically can be worth more than 3 units.

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