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The main football betting markets

The main football betting markets
We have prepared a great article explaining in detail how the main football betting markets work, enjoy!
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Tuesday, July 28 2020

Sports betting covers the overwhelming majority of sports, as well as offering markets for cultural, political and even bizarre events. You can practically bet on anything you want in a bookmaker. And in this concept, each sport has its own range of markets and in this way, let's look at the main football betting markets.

In football the main markets are: Moneyline (1x2 or match odds), double chance, draw no bet, over or under goals, Asian totals, Asian handicap, over or under corners, both teams to score, over or under goals from teams, European handicap, in addition to a wide variety of other markets, covering even all that have been mentioned so far, in a version that only covers bets until the break.

Below is a short list with the opinion on some of the main markets in sports betting on football.

Moneyline or 1x2

In bets on the moneyline or (1x2) market there are only three options and to be a winner in that market, it is necessary to hit the bullseye with your bet.  Otherwise, the bet will be lost. You just need to understand that this market may be available for betting in the 90 minutes and also for bets at half-time.

The options are as follows: Home team victory, where you will only win if the home team wins the game. Visiting team victory, where you will only win this bet if the visiting team wins the match. And the draw option, where you will only win the bet if the game ends in a draw.

Double chance, double possibility, aka market 1 or X, X or 2 and 1 or 2

In this market, in an event like the hypothetical confrontation like Corinthians and Palmeiras, we would have the following options:

Corinthians or Draw (1 or X) = Where in this bet we would win if Corinthians won or if the game ended in a draw.

Palmeiras or Draw (2 or X) = In this bet we would win if Palmeiras won or if the game ended in a draw.

Corinthians or Palmeiras (1 or 2) = In this bet we would win only if one of the teams won the game, that is, if the game did not end in a draw we would win the bet.

Draw No Bet

In this market we can bet on the victory of a team and stay at the same time, with our bet protected in the case of a draw. This means that if by chance the game is tied, our bet would be returned. And we would only win in that market, if the team bet won the match.

Both Teams To Score

The market for both teams to score, also known as BTTS acronym, is one of the most popular markets among football bettors and one of the easiest to understand.

In the market of both teams score goals, there will be two options, YES or NO, which refers to the possibility that the two teams score at least one goal each in the match. This market may exist as an option for the 90 minutes of play and also for the first half only.

In case of bet for both teams to score goals in the match, it will only be a winner if both teams come to score, same logic as in case of bets so that both teams do not score, where if at least one of the teams comes to not score, the bet is a winner.


The corner market covers a number of interesting possibilities. There are several types of "submarkets". There may be the European corner market, the Asian corner market, which follow the same logic already emphasized of over and under goals and you can also have the variations of corners in handicaps and many other possibilities.

The most common market is the Over and Under corners, both European market where we have dual lines, where you can just win or lose the bet, as explained in the goal market, with lines in Over 9.5 Corner, over 10.5 Corner, Over 11.5 Corner kicks, with a variation that shows you three options, as in the example of the existence within the European market of an Over 9, Over 10, Over 11, but in this market there will always be the duality of losing or winning the bet, without tie options , which means that even taking a bet on Over 9 corners and getting 9 corners by the time the game is over, means that you in that European market would lose the bet, because you would need 10 corners or more to win this selected bet. This is different in the Asian market.

In the Asian corners we have broken lines, which give you the option of a draw, and at the same time give you better odds and more opportunities.

In the Asian market with over and under corners, you can have lines as in the example of: Over 9 Corners and in this market, if you bet on Over 9 Corners, if the game ends with 9 corners, your bet is at least returned.

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