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Tips for using Luqueta in Free Fire

Tips for using Luqueta in Free Fire
Expected to arrive in the next few days in the game, stay on top of tips for using Luqueta in Free Fire.
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Wednesday, August 12 2020

With each update the game brings several new features and we brought some tips for using Luqueta on Free Fire, one of the new characters that were first released on the advanced server. The new character is inspired by football players and his skills are well known.

Luqueta's skill name is “Hat Trick” and it increases the character's life with each kill he makes. This ability has made a difference in ranked matches, mainly for players who are lovers of the "rush" (those players who seek the fight face to face).

At the first level of the skill, the character receives 15 life for each kill made, reaching a maximum of 35 more life in the match. At the maximum level, the character receives 18 life for each kill, but the maximum of 35 does not change. In addition, when the character reaches 235 maximum health, it remains until the end with that life, and can heal itself until reaching that maximum.

Tips for using Luqueta

Luqueta's skill is clearly more effective for those who like to play ranked solo, as his skill makes a lot of difference especially to the players of the raid. For those who like to go over the enemy looking for a fight, because the player who uses this type of game tends to make more kills and thus gets the bonus faster, managing to take full advantage of the maximum life increase.

Luqueta's ability is already very good in itself, and can improve even more if combined with the skills of other characters. For example, Alok, which gives more speed and instant HP healing. Since Luqueta is a passive skill, Alok, Hayato, Moco and Kelly are active, so the options to match are several of the game's favorites.

In squad, the character's ability is not so efficient, because the life of the slaughter done is divided with the companions, being further from the maximum bonus. What can happen often while using the character in a squad is to run out of life at the end, as you are unable to reach the goal during the match.

Luqueta will be available for purchase on the server normally in the next few days, and so we have already brought the tips for using Luqueta on Free Fire as soon as it is available for purchase. It is already in the game on the list of all characters, but for the time being it is still blocked.