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PokerStars announces Tetris + Spin & Go

PokerStars announces Tetris + Spin & Go
Announcing $ 1.5 million, PokerStars announces Tetris + Spin & Go; check details.
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Thursday, February 18 2021

Following the success of the MicroMillions Marathon series of events, PokerStars announced Tetris + Spin & Go. In addition, the largest virtual poker house in the world has announced that it will have $ 1.5 million in play.

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Continuing at full steam, PokerStars decided to join two games loved by the online world and hold a big tournament. Joining Tetris and Spin & Go, the PokerStars promotion is aiming to mix a classic block game with one of the most fun events on its platform, Spin & Go.

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The Tetris + Spin & Go mode will have the functionality of classifying the division between levels and with prizes every day. According to PokerStars, the game will be available until March 28, and until then, the largest virtual poker house in the world plans to distribute $ 1.5 million. As such, PokerStars has confirmed that it will be $ 33,000 daily in prizes. In addition, the Top 500 of each ranking can be part of sweepstakes that will happen every day and will give another US $ 5,000 in prizes.
It was clarified that Spin & Go will continue as it always has. After choosing to participate in the Tetris + Spin & Go rankings, the division will take place by buy-ins, which can vary between US $ 0.25 and US $ 500. Therefore, the player will have to win on the chips and be able to clear all the lines of Tetris blocks. The more the player achieves, the more levels he will accumulate and the more he will rise in the ranking. After that, the lines destroyed in Tetris will be defined in the Spin & Go multiplier. Therefore, the player who has more lines destroyed, more levels and points added up, will receive a cash prize from PokerStars.

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