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Sony plans to create sports betting system on PlayStation

Sony plans to create sports betting system on PlayStation
By registering a patent, Sony intends to create sports betting systems on the PlayStation.
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Through the great growth of the electronic sports sector, Sony intends to create a sports betting system on the PlayStation. Looking at the growth rate in the eSports betting industry, Sony recently filed a patent to create a system in which the PlayStation offers sports betting possibilities. In addition, the system will count on the reward if the bet is successful.

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By specifying the system as "interactive betting", SIE LLC (Sony Interactive Entertainment) projects that the system can be present on the PS4 and PS5 platforms. According to its presentation, the system is called "E-Sports Betting Platform". As for its launch, the gadget could be launched as soon as possible, as Sony recently acquired the EVO 2021, the largest fighting tournament in the world.

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In the introduction of the newly registered patent, Sony revealed that: "Odds for various propositions concerning the play of a computer simulation are determined and presented to a viewer for pecuniary or non-pecuniary wagering purposes. The odds may be determined using past game analytics, or may be determined parimutuelly [sic]."
However, the system can go much further than described. According to Sony, the gadget may also offer bets during an eSports event that is taking place live. One of the novelties that the system will bring is that bets can be placed with or without Currency money. If everything goes according to plan, Sony will be the first company to dare to create a gaming platform integrating sports betting into its system.
Meanwhile, speculation says the gadget could be launched to accompany EVO tournaments, as the biggest global fighting event would be the ideal target for the system.
Through the expansion of the eSports sector, the modality has been drawing a lot of attention from developers and the public. However, the eSports betting market is still trying to keep up with this high growth. However, all of this may be changing, since the big bookmakers and betting exchanges are targeting the modality in their catalog. Thus, Sony based its patent on this, registering it and innovating its market capacity.
According to information, the system will be automated and will allow PlayStation platforms to offer these proposals to players. As soon as they allow the modality, players will be able to bet and claim their rewards.
The patent was originally registered on May 13 through Sony Interactive Entertainment. In its registration, the system was called "E-Sports Betting Platform". In its description, Sony does not mention the PlayStation in a unique way, but refers to a "computer simulation", where bettors can receive their bets and other functions. To further encourage the modality, the system will present bettors with analysis of games and other functions that will be calculated on the platform.
Innovating in its functions, Sony revealed that the system will calculate the bids based on the history of the bettor, making it clear that the system will not only present the probabilities of winning. Therefore, if the player is successful in his bets, the system will allow the player to withdraw half of his winnings or even "double" them.
The technology company's expansions are clear in recent times. Through the purchase of the Evolution Championship Series, Sony became the holder of one of the largest electronic sports events, with an emphasis on fighting games, in the world.

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