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Learn to kite in League of Legends

Learn to kite in League of Legends
Learn to kite in League of Legends and all kiting secrets.
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Wednesday, August 18 2021

If you play AD Carry in your matches, chances are you've heard someone talk about "kiting", this is very common for those who are arriving at the game scene. While the term can be used for other roles in the game, the "kiting" technique is generally more for the ADC.

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What's Kiting?

Before we start talking about it, you need to understand what "kite" is within League of Legends. Basically, the term, which comes from the English word "kiting", is used for the action of you giving a basic attack and moving right away, having greater control of your champion and your attack. Through this, you can shoot and walk in sequence to gain more space between your enemy.

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Therefore, it is a technique most used for champions who are snipers, as they can attack their enemies from afar. Therefore, the digging mechanics are great for them. Between attacks and moves, you can last longer in a fight and even get out alive with several kills because of this technique. Despite this, it is important to mention that this technique tends to be faster if your champion has some items that increase your attack speed.

How to kite?

Although it sounds a bit difficult, this technique is quite simple. There are a few ways to get to kite in League of Legends. The simplest is for you to click on the enemy to attack and then click on the ground to walk. In addition, you can also use the A and Shift keys to help you with your aim. This basic explanation is really for those who still don't have a good mechanic with the champion in the game, something aimed at beginners in the scenario.

Using the A key

For many players, kiting using the A key is the most relevant technique. Here, you perform the technique using the A key. This way you avoid clicking somewhere you shouldn't. However, this technique requires more dedication to train your coordination and be able to do it effectively.
However, there is another way that can make your life easier, where you can move the mouse over the enemy champion and let it point to where you want to walk, since the A key will kite the opponent.
To do this is very simple:
Press the A key
Click on the desired target with the right mouse button
Then click to walk with the left mouse button.

Focus on champions

If you end up missing the enemy champion and focusing on the minions, there's a key that can save your fight. If you are kiting using the A key, you can focus on the opposing champions by clicking the "Quote" key.
The "Quote" key serves as a shortcut to perform the function of focusing on opposing champions, even if there are other obstacles in front of you. After pressing the "Quote" key the mouse will gain a kind of white outline and you will know that it is activated.

Champion tip

One of the best champions to train the kiting technique you receive right at the beginning of the game. The ADC "Ashe" is an excellent champion for you to train this skill. It is worth mentioning that the champion "Kalista" is also usually very effective for those who want to use this technique successfully.
So, did you manage to learn how to kite in League of Legends? Practice on the training ground and then go to your battles to perform your apprenticeship!

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