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LoL: Learn to rank up in League of Legends

LoL: Learn to rank up in League of Legends
Get inside and learn how to rank up in League of Legends.
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Tuesday, August 31 2021

Ranking up in League of Legends is one of the most difficult goals you can find, and indeed this is true in many aspects. Within that, the question of how to rank up is very frequent, but we have already warned that there is no magic formula to go up within LoL. The question will always be to work the best way within the ranked matches.

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For those just starting out in League of Legends today, there are a number of things that can help you improve, including playing a lot of ranked games to get a sense of where your gameplay is and how it's evolving. Within that there are some "details" that can help you on this journey to climb the link. So, let's go to the tips.

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Despite being a pretty silly thing to talk about, you should always keep an eye on the League of Legends minimap. The preference is for you to view the minimap every 10 seconds, even if you are not in danger. Paying attention to the minimap, you'll be able to escape from several ambushes, the famous ganks. You can also observe if any enemies are approaching an ally and alert them to the danger.
Also, knowing where your enemies are, you can rotate around the map without major worries, just paying attention to the minimap. In case you don't have the knowledge of where your enemies are, keep an eye on where your allies are, to at some point catch your enemy's vision.
The minimap is of paramount importance for those who play the role of jungler. This player must always keep an eye on the minimap to successfully gank.

Watch your enemies more

Before making any decisions in your matches, take a closer look at your enemies in game. Many players end up making a lot of mistakes regarding this, as they don't keep an eye on what their opponents are "up to" in the game. Therefore, you should keep an eye on what they are doing to try to create an alternative escape or attack. Pay attention to the next moves your enemies will make.
Also, by being aware of what your enemies are doing, you can catch the moment when they put some vision in your path. That way, you will know that the enemy has vision there and can destroy his ward or avoid passing in that region so as not to deliver information to your opponents.


Perhaps one of the simplest tips we can give you is to specialize in champions. We encourage you to be fully aware of at least three champions in your game catalog. This will be extremely important for you to move up, as you will have three champions well "engraved" in your memory.
Always stay on top of updates patches that Riot Games releases. Through this, you will know if any of your three champions are stronger or weaker in the game.

Game vision

The last tip we're going to give you today is to have the game's vision control. If you play in ADC or support positions, start making a habit of always putting on wards, pinks and buying the Oracle Lens. Through this, you will have a great view control of the game that is going on. Generally, in lower ranks players don't do this and you can use this error to create your high rank tactic.
If you play in other positions, buy a pink right at the start of the game. Just by starting the game with a pink, you will already have a great advantage of vision over your enemies and will be "protected" from being surprised in some rival attack.
That said, I hope you understand a little bit about how to rank up in the League of Legends. So, let's put today's learning into practice?

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