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How to play Support in League of Legends

How to play Support in League of Legends
Check out some tips on how to play Support at League of Legends.
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Wednesday, October 13 2021

Responsible for watching over the entire team, Jungler's position in the League of Legends is far from easy. The player who dares to be in the middle of the jungle of Summoner's Rift, needs to be aware of every detail of the game, especially in the time of each objective.

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Probably one of the most respected positions within League of Legends is Support. The position, which guarantees the game's failure or success, is often left out as it doesn't guarantee much damage over the course of the game. However, without good support, the team can say goodbye to victory as it will be nearly impossible to win. Therefore, we at the Betting Academy decided to bring you some tips on how to play Support in League of Legends.

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As with other League of Legends players, ensuring a broad map view is of extreme advantage for your team. However, this "function" is usually left in the Support's lap.
One of the things you hear the most about League of Legends is: "Support that doesn't ward, it's not support." So Support has to learn to make good use of the 4 ward types you can place on the map. Generally, the support that will be with the ADC in the bot-lane, will ward and guarantee the vision of that lane.
What can guarantee a good view for your team is to ward off the bushes near the river, the Dragon's area, and above all, the bushes near the enemy Towers. By managing to do this effectively, your team will already have a good vision of how things are on the bottom lane, and above all, know if the enemy Jungler is around.
Therefore, the support must always be with some control ward or a common vision ward. That said, the support function, in addition to helping your adc in matches, still needs to ensure a good map view for the team.


The second most important thing for a Support is to choose your champion. Each player has a different type of game, some like to be defensive and others like to play offensively. Therefore, each champion will provide a different type of game, according to each player's taste.
For example, champions Taric, Braum, Alistar and Tahm Kench, are great at protecting the team, as they have a good health level, and above all, they can take damage and can paralyze the opponent for a few moments.
Champions like Zyra, Vel'kox, Zilean and Brand are excellent if you have an aggressive game type. These champions in question, despite not having much resistance to taking damage, usually cause a lot of damage to opponents.
However, there are also some champions that are complete, meaning that they deal damage and take a lot of damage, as in the case of the champions Tresh, Bard, Karma and Leona. That said, choosing your Support will depend on your playing style.


Although many players dictate the rules of League of Legends, where Support must always accompany their ADC and not go off-track, this is a big nonsense. Support needs to help their teammates at the right time.
Suppose your lane, the bottom lane, is winning and you've already taken an opposing Tower, what else can you do there? There are two answers to this, either you keep going, or you rotate to help your team take one more Tower and put pressure on another lane.
That said, when you have lane pressure, with the advanced minions and your opponents in trouble, try to rotate to the nearest lane and see if your ally needs help pressing their lane. As such, Support and Jungler share this role of helping the team put pressure on allied lanes.
But it's important to be aware of one thing: if your lane is under pressure from the opposing team, never leave your seat and let your ADC go down on his own.

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