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eSports betting: Friday 11/03/22

eSports betting: Friday 11/03/22
Find everything you're looking for to bet on eSports this Friday!
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Friday, March 11 2022

Follow on this card the best eSports betting tips for this Friday, March 11th. On that day, we separated a duel in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and three in League of Legends. Starting with CS:GO, we will have the confrontation between Ninjas in Pajamas x MOUZ for the ESL Pro League Season 15. In LoL, the LCK Challengers League 2022 Spring will bring the following fights: DWG KIA Ch. x T1.Ch, Hanwha Life.Ch x Liiv SANDBOX.Ch and KT Rolster.Ch x Fredit Brion.Ch. (these articles are first announced on Telegram - HERE)! Another day with a varied card in several games.

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CS:GO | ESL Pro League Season 15 - Ninjas in Pyjamas vs MOUZ:

MOUZ presents itself for this match with a recent defeat to Ninjas in Pajamas by the score of 2x0. Ninjas in Pyjamas, on the other hand, brings a recent defeat to Gambit Esports by 2x0. However, we believe in the higher probability of victory for Ninjas in Pyjamas.

League of Legends | LCK Challengers League 2022 Spring - DWG KIA Ch. vs T1.Ch:

For four games, T1.Ch remains undefeated in their clashes, having been successful over: Brion Esports.Ch, SANDBOX Gaming.Ch, RedFroce.Ch and KT Rolster.Ch, by 1x0. Meanwhile, DWG KIA.Ch brings four consecutive casualties on their journey. Therefore, we believe in the higher probability of victory for T1.Ch.

League of Legends | LCK Challengers League 2022 Spring - Hanwha Life.Ch vs Liiv SANDBOX.Ch:

After accumulating four consecutive casualties, Hanwha Life.Ch was successful over DRX.Ch in their last game by the score of 1x0. Meanwhile, Liiv SANDBOX.Ch performs with ups and downs, but brings a success over DWG KIA.Ch, by 1x0. In view of this, we believe in the higher probability of victory for Liiv SANDBOX.Ch.

League of Legends | LCK Challengers League 2022 Spring - KT Rolster.Ch vs Fredit Brion.Ch:

For four games, Fredit Brion.Ch has been at the top of their game, having been successful over: RedForce.Ch, Freecs.Ch, SANDBOX Gaming.Ch and Gen.G.Ch, by 1x0. Meanwhile, KT Rolster.Ch brings a recent defeat to T1.Ch, by 1x0. Therefore, we believe in the highest probability of victory for Fredit Brion.Ch.



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