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How to face a Bad Run?

How to face a Bad Run?
Learn how to face and overcome a negative betting streak.
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Monday, June 6 2022

The worst nightmare for any bettor is the famous Bad Run, which means a sequence of negative results, or that series of reds in a row in your bets. The truth is that in the positive sequence, anyone is a “good bettor”, but the successful bettor is the professional who has mastery in facing the difficult moments of betting without losing his head.

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Midas Touch and Regression to the Mean

It is important that you understand that all punters will experience this, whether new, experienced or professional, but the difference between a successful punter and a beginner is the way they approach their Bad Run, and that makes all the difference in the final result. The positive sequence gives us a certain kind of security that we call the “Midas touch”. This security will make you feel powerful in the market, and whatever you do in it will work. However, in the first negative sequence, the beginner bettor will lose his head and all the work done so far.

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We can call this Bad Run, regression to the mean, which comes to adjust its good moment within the sports market. For example, if you are a bettor who, within your methods, has a win rate of 60% and has an incredible month of 80%, there will be a moment when you will have your bad run, which will reduce these 80% to a percentage closer to your win rate.

If you're managing your bets, don't think that all is lost

The first advice is: don't think that all is lost because you have a big negative streak on your back and it affected your month or a longer period. The best thing to do is keep your betting profile, betting on the same championships and watching the same games. Don't try to improvise betting on championships or teams that you don't have in-depth knowledge of.

Always look for value entries

The second piece of advice is: stay on the value side. In summary, there is only one way to win in betting, which is to bet with value, so continue with your studies and applications within assisted matches. Hunting down worthless entries with no knowledge of the teams that are playing, simply to recoup the amount lost in this negative streak, will only cause you to lose more money. A tip: when you are about to leave the management or method, close the game/betting site window and give yourself time to get your head together.

Keep the focus on your work

And finally: stay focused! Work, review the information before betting, redouble your attention, read a lot, study, in short, dedicate even more time to get out of it. Following bankroll management, no negative streak will break your bankroll in the short term, and surviving the first few months allows you to analyze your gains and losses by league and markets, and so you can make changes to your methods or your management, aiming the improvement within the sports market. Work is the key to success, so stick with it and don't lose focus because of a Bad Run. Believe that with a lot of focus and dedication the numbers will fit, and the bad phase will pass. Always remember: “even the best bettors in the world go through this”.

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