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Learn to analyze a game before placing a bet

Learn to analyze a game before placing a bet
One of the biggest mistakes players make is to place bets without analysing the aspects of the event.
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Wednesday, December 4 2019

Gathering as much information as possible about an event in which you want to bet is essential for success. Thus, it is easier for the player to place a Pre-Live or Live bet, as it helps him set up scenarios with possible predictions for a given event. The first thing you should do is choose one of the best bookmakers!
Listed below are some important factors to consider about an analysis before placing a bet.

Home/Away factor

This is a very relevant point when it comes to betting, because in many leagues, this factor makes a great difference. Playing in front of the fans is another motivation for the clubs to achieve the desired result. In addition, the dimensions and type of grass can change the scenario of a match. Therefore, it is very important to be aware and do a thorough investigation of how the club works and how its history is playing at home, with the support of the fans.

Club History

This is one of the most important factors of a good analysis. It is essential to review the history of recent team results, at home and as a visitor. How many undefeated games, how many games without winning, if they are playing better at home or as visitors, etc. However, we must also analyse the opponent, since it may be going through a better form moment than the club that seems to be stronger.
In addition, it is important to analyse the head-to-head history between the two teams, because even if one team is going through a better moment than the other, there is always the famous “customer” factor and this is an important detail to analyse before placing a bet.


A team is made up of a group of players, but practically all teams have their usual starting 11. It is very important to know which starting eleven will enter the field, since some teams are dependent on some key players. If these athletes do not play, the team can change its style.
For example, imagine that a player who is the star or best forward of the club suffers an injury in training before the game. It is important to be aware of this, since the team can lose technical quality with the substitute. Another example is if the coach chooses to rest the usual starting 11 and presents a reserve team in the field. This totally changes the game scenario. Then, before placing a bet, look for all possible information about the lineup of the two clubs.

Weather factor

Among all possible factors, this is one of the least investigated by players, but it is very important that you know what the weather will be like during the game. Imagine that you want to bet in favour of goals and that a storm is expected at the time of the game. Depending on the stadium and the drainage of the pitch, this can hinder the circulation of the ball, greatly influencing the game.
For those who like to bet on European championships, it is good to know if it will not snow at the time of the game, something that can greatly influence bets.

Team locker room

This may be one of the most difficult factors to obtain information about, as there is often few news about this, but it is important to look for as much information as possible. A good climate in the locker room is something that can greatly influence the game, so it is always good to be aware.
Some important points are: the relationship between the coach and the players, if there are divisions in the team, if the players are not satisfied with the coach, if the salaries of the athletes are late, among other possible problems.

Understand the competition

Another crucial point is to understand how a particular competition works, to understand the rules, its format, the number of places of access to other competitions, how many clubs will be relegated to lower divisions, etc.
These factors will be important to understand the importance of the game, the situation of the clubs within the competition, what they aspire to at that moment. For example, if they fight to relegation or to get access to a particular competition. Therefore, it is important to be aware of all the information about the competition.
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