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Ladbrokes bookmaker receives ad warning

Ladbrokes bookmaker receives ad warning

British betting company was warned by advertising.

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Monday, February 8 2021

The bookmaker Ladbrokes launched an advertisement that was not very well accepted by Organs responsible bodies and ended up being punished. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) classified the campaign as irresponsible, with a non-exemplary behavior and message to the public.

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The advertisement was launched at the end of last year, and has as its background a cafeteria, where most of the customers in the enclosure are using the bookmaker's app on their cell phones. Soon after, a horse race starts, with many of the bettors looking nervous and apprehensive, in addition to expressing gestures and words, showing total involvement with the start of the race.

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For the regulator, the type of behavior of people in the ad is not a good social example. The idea of ​​a player obsessed with the bet was not well accepted by the agency, which ended up punishing the bookmaker. However, Ladbrokes has been receiving support from other companies, both in the games and television industries. Channel 4 said it did not find advertising socially irresponsible, as ASA claimed. Furthermore, he believes that it will not be advertising that will generate emotional and financial losses on the part of those who gamble.
Ladbrokes defends itself by saying that it only showed the face and attitudes of a fan who is anxious for a live event, something so common in the public that they have a passion for sports. The company follows this line, stating that the idea was to present an app with exciting and fun entertainment, showing the pleasure that the person has in placing his bet.
With the revision of the 2005 Gaming Law, the United Kingdom began to be stricter with the gambling and betting industry, with advertisements and advertising in general being widely targeted by regulators.
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