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IBIA warns about suspicious bets

IBIA warns about suspicious bets
Ending the first quarter of 2021, IBIA warned of 64 suspicious bets in the sports market.
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At the end of the first quarter of 2021, IBIA has warned of 64 suspicious bets in the sports market. According to the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), the company disclosed about 64 suspicious bets in the sports market and sent them to the governing authorities of the market. According to information from last year, the numbers almost equal, as in 2020 there were 68 alerts in Q1.

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In the information revealed, there are 18 alerts on the tennis market, 17 related to eSports and 12 to football, comprising 75% of the information revealed during this first quarter of 2021. Other suspicious bets were 7 on table tennis, 5 related to basketball , 4 to volleyball and one related to horse racing. Europe together with Asia account for 66% of these suspicious bets. According to the article published by IBIA itself: "A total of 64 suspicious alerts in seven different sports and covering 20 different countries have been reported to the competent authorities for further investigation".

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IBIA's CEO, Khalid Ali, reported that the 2020 period was difficult for betting operators, due to the cases that happened in the rest of the world, between difficulties and paralyzed events. Ali says that the IBIA is reorienting traditional sports, since operators are managing to return to activities in a normal way, offering greater market probabilities. The CEO's speech was as follows: "After a difficult 2020, many operators appear to be close to normality in terms of their pre-pandemic market offering. This is reflected in the alert numbers and geographical spread for Q1, with a refocus on those sports that have traditionally and numerically dominated the betting offer globally, namely tennis and football."
In addition, Khalid also states that he continues to work in collaboration with other entities to identify corruption schemes in the sport, seeking to punish and prevent the use of these illegal activities: "The association and its members continue to work closely with those sports, and indeed all sports that wish to engage with us, to identify potential corruption and to seek robust sanctions to punish and deter such illicit activity."
Data revealed by the company in this first quarter:
"7 - alerts in Q1 covered seven different sports;
16 - a quarter of all alerts came from Russia (10) and Bulgaria (6);
18 - alerts in the tennis modality;
20 - different countries have placed suspicious bets.
For the time being, more information is awaited, which will still be revealed by the IBIA itself on the measures taken by the competent authorities.

Known as IBIA, the International Betting Integrity Association is an association known and a reference throughout the world for valuing regularities and integrity in the legal betting sector. In addition, the entity is formed by several betting operators that value the protection of its users against the corruption of illegal bets or similar sectors.
Among other categories, IBIA has a monitoring system on this market, where it is able to warn of any irregularities that occur. The tool serves as a highly effective anti-corruption system that can automatically detect suspicious movements in the sports betting market. Through this, the system alerts its members and reports to the governing authorities.
The International Betting Integrity Association has several partnerships with companies, where it shares information with the governors who regulate sports and games. Other than that, IBIA also has the representation of a forum sector that counts on high-level policy discussions, as well as the IOC (International Olympic Committee), the UN and the European Commission.

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