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Basic guide to betting on football

Basic guide to betting on football
We will mention the main markets to bet on football.
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Tuesday, June 8 2021

Football is one of the most exciting sports on the planet and consequently one of the sports with the highest volume of money wagered in bookmakers. Every day we receive reports from people who are starting to test their knowledge in betting, but who have doubts about how they work and what are the main markets available in football. That way, we decided to make a basic guide, not only for beginners, but also for those who are already involved and want to add more knowledge.

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We will explain the three main markets, which are: 1v2, Handicap and Totals.
The “1v2” market is about the odds for the outcome of the match. Here you will bet on the home team, the draw, or the away team. In other sports this market is usually called moneyline betting, but in football the difference is the option to opt for a draw in the duel. This is every beginner's favorite bet, because as you can see, it's the basics of football. But as the player becomes aware, begins to explore other types of bets, which also deal with the winner of the match or something very close to that, but with a level of complexity a little higher.

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One of them is the famous “Handicap”. Widely used in basketball and American football matches, in football the handicap is also very important. Here you will see an advantage or disadvantage for one of the teams, mainly in the goal difference (they also exist for corner and card markets, for example). The idea is to balance the dispute, finding better odds, if you have a good reading of the event. For example, Manchester City will play against a second division team in the FA Cup. The return to victory (1v2 market) for City will be very low, as their favoritism is gigantic. Thus, you can bet in the Handicap bet on City -2.00. This means that Manchester will have to win the match by 3 goals difference, as they start the game "losing" by 2-0. The difference is that the odd offered for this possibility is much more advantageous, since the level of difficulties is much higher than a simple victory. There are a range of possibilities in this market, we just gave the simplest possible example for you to understand, our suggestion is to read more about it.
In addition to the markets already mentioned, it is also worth delving into the market called “Totals” (Over/Under). Here, the strategies are mainly focused on the amount of goals that a match will have. Basically, you bet on the combined total of goals, or on the total goals of a specific team, as well as choosing how many goals will come out in one of the match times.
Example: Over 2.5 goals in Chelsea vs Liverpool means you are confident that you will have 3 or more goals in this match. In the same way as if it were Under 2.5 goals, your assessment would be a duel with a maximum of 2 goals. But there is the possibility to choose goals scored only for Chelsea or Liverpool, as well as how many goals one or both teams will score in the first half or in the second half separately. The moment you delve into this market, as well as in the Handicap, you will see countless possibilities to apply your knowledge and methods, taking advantage of where you believe you have more specialization.
Even though we are not among the three markets that have the largest amount of money bet, we cannot fail to mention corners and cards. There are many specialists who deepen their studies in these markets, seeking to take maximum advantage, because as you know, teams have very own characteristics, and among them it is common to analyze the "team that misses a lot and takes cards", as well as “a team that explores a lot the plays through the ends and crosses”, thus creating opportunities for aerial balls and corner kicks in their favor.

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